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About Us

  • E/M coding trainer
    Dr. Levinson trained with AMA & HCFA in 1991 as a physician trainer for the new Evaluation & Management coding system. Since then, he has evolved the Intelligent Medical Record system, a practical methodology that maintains and enhances patient care while meeting and fulfilling E/M compliance requirements.
  • Medicare committees
    Connecticut State Medical Society Medicare Committee for 15yrs
    Connecticut Carrier Advisory Committee for 8yrs

  • Committees of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
    • Quality Improvement Committee
    • Carrier Relations Committee
    • Reimbursement Task Force

  • Managed Care Insights
    Dr. Levinson was a national director of Otolaryngology. Director for a Third Party Administrator company contracted by insurers to "manage care" from 1996-2000. His impression is that "this was the only company (I know of) in the country that was actually managing care and not profits."

  • National Class Action Lawsuits
    Dr. Levinson is a consultant on coding and documentation in the national class action lawsuits against health insurers

  • Medical Practice
    Dr. Levinson was a member of a group private practice for 26 years, from 1976 through 2002




about benefits faq walkthrough

E/M coding Trainer

Medicare committees


Director for company attempting to "manage care"

Class Action suits

Medical Practice







• Compliance


• Reimbursement

• Audit Proof

• "Sleepability"


What is the fundamental structure of an IMR?

What have been the results of Medicare and insurer audits of ASA’s IMRs?

What are the benefits of IMRs for patients?


Using check boxes, your patients complete all elements of the past medical history, family history, and social history, plus a complete review of symptoms

This results is a time savings to physicians of approximately 10 minutes per patient.