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"The solution to the 'problem' of compliance is to see compliance as a solution"

Dean Edward D. Miller
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Hopkins Medical News
winter 2002


How Effectively Does your Practice Document, Code & Collect?

  • ASA provides custom custom Intelligent Medical Records (“IMR”) for compliant and efficient E/M documentation and coding

  • ASA provides quick and compliant E/M documentation forms for physician extenders

  • ASA provides quick and compliant documentation forms for office procedures

  • ASA develops customized pre-printed patient information forms and prescription forms

  • ASA reviews your scheduling policy to help maximize efficiency and reimbursement

  • ASA provides strategies and custom forms for optimizing billing office efficiency and effectiveness

  • ASA assists in performing internal E/M compliance audits, designing a formal E/M compliance program, and dealing with insurance or Medicare audits of your practice

  • ASA provides a hands-on consultation program for medical groups and academic centers including implementation of IMR, comliance, efficiency, productivity, and audit protection

about benefits faq walkthrough

E/M coding Trainer

Medicare committees


Director for company attempting to "manage care"

Class Action suits

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• Compliance

• Efficiency

• Reimbursement

• Audit Proof

• "Sleepability"







What is the fundamental structure of an IMR?

What have been the results of Medicare and insurer audits of ASA’s IMRs?

What are the benefits of IMRs for patients?


Using check boxes, your patients complete all elements of the past medical history, family history, and social history, plus a complete review of symptoms

This results is a time savings to physicians of approximately 10 minutes per patient.