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How to Order

Please fill out the form below, print it out and mail it with the correct payment to:

48 Dogwood Drive
Easton, CT 06612

We will send you a questionaire within two weeks. Your completed questionaire will allow us to customize the design of your personal medical record forms and insurance appeal templates, which we will send to you promptly.

Complete package:

$ 495.00  ( 1 - 2 doctors )
  50.00   per additional doctor ( 3-8 )

All components customized to physician requirements

Office Compliance and Efficiency:

  • Compliant history and physical forms
  • Patient Information Handouts e.g. Management of URI ( Upper Respitory Infection)
  • Surgical procedure information forms e.g. Arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Office operative reports e.g sygmoidoscopy
  • Model prescrition forms e.g. Antibiotics and anti-fungals

Office Billing and collections:

  • Tracking form for non-compliant payments and status of appeals
  • Standardized appeal letters, for Medicare and managed care systems
    • First level appeal
    • Second level appeal
    • External appeals

    Please be advised that we adhere to a no-refunds policy

    Intelligent Medical Records

    Office Compliance , Efficiency, Billing and Collections package: $495.00 (1-2 Doctors)
    Additional Doctors:    @50.00 each ( 1-6)
    Sales Tax (where applicable):   
    Total: $

    First Name:
    Last Name
    State,    Zipcode:



    about benefits faq walkthrough

    E/M coding Trainer

    Medicare committees


    Director for company attempting to "manage care"

    Class Action suits

    Medical Practice



    • Compliance

    • Efficiency

    • Reimbursement

    • Audit Proof

    • "Sleepability"


    What is the fundamental structure of an IMR?

    What have been the results of Medicare and insurer audits of ASA’s IMRs?

    What are the benefits of IMRs for patients?


    Using check boxes, your patients complete all elements of the past medical history, family history, and social history, plus a complete review of symptoms

    This results is a time savings to physicians of approximately 10 minutes per patient.